Conan, on TBS
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I became a fan of Conan O'Brien when he started hosting Late Night in 1993. Later, he became the host of The Tonight Show, in 2009, but that didn't lost long before Jay Leno resumed his old position as host. In 2010, Conan got his own late night talk show on TBS. I must have at least watched the first episode, I think. Andy Richter was back as his co-host, which I think he hadn't done for some time, in the last few years or whatever of Conan's tenure on Late Night. I don't really remember. And I'm afraid I haven't seen much of this new show, because I'm rarely up watching TV at that hour, these days. Still, I'm very glad Conan has a show, because he's awesome. It's nice to occasionally tune in for at least a few minutes, if I'm up late.

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