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The Tomorrow People, on The CW
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This is a 2013 American remake of a 1970s British series by the same name, which was previously remade on Nickelodeon in the 90s. I'm fairly sure I never saw any of the previous shows. There's this 18-year-old guy named Stephen Jameson (Robbie Amell), who apparently has a sleeping disorder, because he always wakes up somewhere other than where he went to sleep. And for awhile now, he's been hearing a girl's voice in his head. He's worried that he's going crazy, which supposedly happened to his father, who's been gone since Stephen was eight years old. But one day, he meets some other people who explain to him that he's one of them- a more evolved species of humanity. Their species is technically called "homo superior," but the people Stephen meets call themselves "the Tomorrow People." Their species have powers that they call "the three T's" (teleportation, telepathy, and telekinesis). Teleporting is what Stephen's been doing in his sleep, and telepathy explains the voice in his head- that was Cara Coburn (Peyton List), one of the Tomorrow People. Stephen doesn't want to believe any of this at first, and he especially doesn't want to believe his father was one of them, their leader, before he disappeared. The Tomorrow People also tell him that there's a government agency called Ultra that uses both human agents and "paranormals" (people like Stephen) to hunt down others of their kind, supposedly to protect humanity.

It isn't long before Ultra captures Stephen, and he meets Jedikiah Price (Mark Pellegrino), who tells him the Tomorrow People have been lying to him about their true nature, and that of Ultra. He says Ultra are the good guys. But Cara and two other Tomorrow People, John Young (Luke Mitchell) and Russell Kwon (Aaron Yoo), break into Ultra to rescue Stephen. Though by the end of the pilot, Stephen decides to work for Ultra (but he's actually a double agent, secretly working for the Tomorrow People). Ultimately, Stephen wants to find his father, who Ultra believes is dead, but the Tomorrow People believe will lead them to a place called "the Refuge," where they'll be safe from Ultra. Meanwhile, Stephen has to keep all this secret from his mother, Marla, his younger brother, Luca, and his best friend, Astrid Finch.

There are various other characters I should probably mention. Like an AI computer named TIM, which I guess belonged to Ultra, but had been stolen by the Tomorrow People to provide them with information about various things, such as tracking "breakouts" (people whose paranormal abilities are just beginning to manifest), in the hopes of getting to them before Ultra does. There are also any number of Ultra agents who are of some importance, but none of them really mattered to me except Hillary Cole (Alexa Vega), an agent in training like Stephen, who I think didn't appear until about halfway through the season. She and Stephen had a fairly antagonistic relationship at first, but that eventually changed. And while there were lots of Tomorrow People living in their underground lair, there weren't many we got to know besides Cara, John, and Russell. (John, btw, was the leader, though later in the season Cara would become leader.) There's a brilliant and somewhat quirky Tomorrow Person named Irene who we saw a few times, but I really wished she would have had a bigger role in the show. And there's a younger girl named Charlotte who the Tomorrow People rescued from an Ultra facility called the Citadel, who was of some importance. And near the end of the season there was girl named Natalie, who played an important role (but I did not like her). And while Jedikiah seems to be the main antagonist for at least half of the season, in the latter part of the season we learn that the real bad guy is a paranormal called "the Founder," who is Jedikiah's boss.

And... there are tons of plot points (and plot twists) that I don't want to spoil. I'll just say I found it a reasonably interesting and entertaining show. It wasn't great, but it was definitely good. And um... it was cancelled after one season. The finale did a good job of wrapping up the season's storyline, but it also introduced a new storyline that would have been interesting to see play out, if the show had gotten a second season. So it's kind of a shame that it was cancelled, but I'm not too upset about it....

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