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The InBetween, on NBC
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Caution: potential spoilers.

So there's this police detective in Seattle, named Tom Hackett (played by Paul Blackthorne, whom I know from Arrow, though it feels a bit strange to me hearing him speak with his actual British accent). Tom and his husband, a psychiatrist named Brian Currie, became foster parents to a girl named Cassie Bedford, after her mother died when Cassie was 13. She has the ability to see and talk with ghosts, as well as getting psychic visions, which can often be quite traumatic. (Her mother also had these abilities, which she tried to suppress with alcohol, which ultimately led to her death.) And... apparently "the In-Between" refers to a sort of realm between this world and the next, which some spirits get trapped in, and which Cassie has access to, though she can't control her visions. Anyway, the show starts when Cassie is an adult, working as a bartender. Tom gets a new partner, a former FBI profiler named Damien Asante, who worked as an LAPD detective before moving to Seattle. The two of them receive help from Cassie with the murder cases they investigate, as she often gets visions or knowledge from ghosts that relate to the cases in some way. However, such knowledge is rarely if ever straightforward, and can be difficult to interpret. Meanwhile, Cassie also tries to help some of the ghosts she meets deal with unresolved issues, so they can pass on to the afterlife. And Damien has a girlfriend named Sally Bishop, who he was planning on proposing to, but before he could, she fell into a coma. He asked Cassie to try to contact her, but she was unsuccessful... until it was too late.

There are a couple of ghosts who Cassie interacts with on numerous occasions. One is a young girl named Abigail Foreman, who sometimes becomes violent because of resentment toward her mother, Hannah, and baby sister, Crystal. Cassie helps her figure out how she died, and later helps end her resentment. And Abigail sometimes helps Cassie with problems of her own. Another ghost Cassie often sees is Ed Roven, a serial killer who was executed in 2005 (fourteen years before this series takes place). At first, he claims he wants to help Cassie with her own efforts to help Tom and Damien with their cases, but Cassie repeatedly tells him she wants nothing to do with him. Of course, this doesn't stop him from appearing to her throughout the season. And eventually, he turns against her. While he can't hurt her directly, he can influence certain living people to try to hurt her. Meanwhile, it is discovered that Brian has a brain tumor, and must undergo surgery in the season finale. At the same time, Cassie gets some help in getting rid of Ed Roven for good. However, a last minute cliffhanger implies that Cassie's ghost problems aren't over.

Anyway, I find the show reasonably interesting, but not really as entertaining as I'd like it to be. Still, I hoped there's be a second season, but I wasn't terribly upset that there wasn't.

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