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Forever Knight, on CBS (s1) / syndication (s2) / USA Network (s3)
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This was originally a TV movie called Nick Knight. Later it was made into a series and the first couple eps were actually a remake of the movie, with mostly new actors. I believe it was a Canadian show, which first came to the U.S. as part of CBS's "Crimetime After Primetime," easily the best series to come out of the lineup; it later moved to USA Network, for its final season. Anyway, I liked what I saw of the show, and I'd definitely like to get the DVDs sometime. Then maybe I'd write up a full review, and possibly increase my rating of the show.

So... Nick Knight is a detective in the Toronto police department; he's also a vampire who is searching for a way to regain his humanity. Nick's partner, Don Schanke (John Kapelos, probably the only actor from the movie to reprise his role in the series), doesn't know Nick is a vampire or anything like that. The only human who knows the truth about Nick is a doctor named Natalie Lambert. She's a coroner or pathologist or whatever, and tries to help him with the whole 'regaining humanity' thing. There is also a vampire named Janette DuCharme, who's an old friend of Nick's, and runs a nightclub for their kind; she doesn't really understand Nick's desire to become human again. There's also this vampire named Lucien LaCroix (Nigel Bennett), who brought Nicholas across (sired him) centuries ago, and with whom Nick and Janette used to travel and stuff. Now LaCroix shows up once in awhile to make trouble. He wants Nick to give up this silly quest to become "less than what he is." And Nick is always remembering stuff that happened to him in the past, which somehow relates to whatever case he's working on in the present. And that's pretty much all I can remember about the show.

Nick got a new partner, Tracy Vetter, when the show moved to USA network for its third season. (She was played by Lisa Ryder, who would later become familiar to me from Andromeda.) But I really can't tell you anything else about that season, since I don't think I saw much (if any) of it.

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