I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

Dead Last, on The WB
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This didn't last too long (13 episodes made, 8 aired). I enjoyed it well enough while it was on, but now I barely remember it. Anyway, this band found this amulet that let them see and talk with ghosts (though they didn't always know they were ghosts at first). And so they had to help the ghosts take care of their unfinished business. And they couldn't get rid of the amulet or this obligation until they themselves were dead. Anyway, they found this all quite a hassle most of the time. Y'know, they just wanted to get to their gigs and play, and whatnot. It was kind of a fun and amusing little show. Nothing too serious.

While it's not technically the first thing I ever saw Tyler Labine in, the show does have the distinction of being the first thing I remember him from, the first thing that made me a fan of his. In the years to come, he appeared in a bunch of other shows I liked, which also didn't last very long. And the fact that he was in this show is what I find most memorable about it. Thirteen years later, he would star in a similar web series called Deadbeat.

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