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Scott Pilgrim vs. the Animation, on Cartoon Network
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This is an animated prequel to the live-action movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It's about three and a half minutes long, and I think it aired in even shorter segments during commercial breaks, or something. I don't think I saw it on TV, but I did later see it on AdultSwim.com, though it was eventually removed from the site. I think it's based directly on stuff that actually happened in the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, which I've never read, but totally plan to someday, probably. Will watching it add anything to your understanding or appreciation of the movie? Probably not, but who cares? It's still fun to watch, and we're talking about less than four minutes of your time, so come on. Just do it.

Oh yeah, Michael Cera, who plays Scott in the movie, also voices Scott in this thing. And Alison Pill, who plays Kim Pine in the movie, also voices Kim in this thing. Mae Whitman and Jason Schwartzman, who are in the movie, voice totally different characters in this thing. So it's all cool.

It starts with Scott, who has just started a new high school, sitting outside the principal's office after getting in a fight. While sitting there, he meets Lisa Miller (Whitman; no relation to the character from Newsradio, I'm sure), who's also new at school. Later, Scott meets Kim, with whom he gets partnered in a class project. Lisa wants to start a band with Scott, but they need a drummer, and Kim plays the drums, so Scott wants to ask her to join the band. Also some other stuff happens but damn, I don't want to spoil the whole thing because then you'd have no reason to watch. Other than the gorgeous animation and riveting voice acting. (And um... I may have exaggerated those things just now.) But I mean, it's awesome. And if it had lasted longer, I would have rated it higher, I bet.

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