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Shrek the Halls, on ABC
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This special is set after the movie Shrek the Third. It's Shrek's first Christmas with Fiona and their babies, and so he wants to make it perfect for them. Which is difficult, because, being an ogre, he doesn't really know much about Christmas. (I'm afraid even saying that is a bit of a spoiler.) Of course, when Fiona tells Donkey that Shrek wants a family Christmas, he takes that to mean everyone they know should come over for a party. Shrek, naturally, doesn't take this well at all. And after a series of events that leads to Shrek being set on fire, he throws all his friends out. Which Fiona doesn't take well at all. So eventually Shrek has to apologize to his friends, and his attempt to do so is rather amusing.

Well, the special has lots of gags, of course, some better than others. I liked Gingy hitting on the angel cookie. And the bit about the tea being ready. And the pigs in the blanket. Plus when Shrek tried to tell his babies the "Night Before Christmas" story, the telling was usurped first by Donkey, then Puss, then Gingy, each of whom had quite an interesting and amusing twist on the story. But by the end of the special, Shrek told his own story of "Ogre Claus," which was rather good. I'm sure I'm leaving out lots of stuff, which is as it should be. Mostly it wasn't particularly substantive or memorable, too fast-paced and all. But it was funny, and as with the whole Shrek franchise, there's something for the characters to learn. I think. Anyway, it ends merrily enough....

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