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My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever, on Discovery Family
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Caution: potential spoilers.

This is a one-hour Hearth's Warming special that first aired in October 2018, two weeks after the eighth season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic concluded. (Why they didn't wait til December, I have no idea, considering it's not a regular episode, unlike previous Hearth's Warming episodes.) It's definitely a very fun and funny special, with some good songs.

As usual, Twilight is freaking out, trying to get a million things done, without much time to do them. She has to decorate her castle for the holiday, in preparation for a visit from Shining Armor, Cadance, and Flurry Heart. But she also needs to do all her shopping for presents for her friends. In fact, all of the Mane Six, and Spike, are busy shopping. So Applejack suggests they do a "Hearthswarming Helper" (like "Secret Santa"), where each of them would draw a name from a hat and just buy one present for that one pony (or dragon). Of course, since this means each of them would only be getting one gift (at least from the members of their group), they all feel pressure to make sure it's the best gift ever.

Spike spends the early part of the special trying to find out who got Rarity's name, so he can trade with them, because he really wants to be the one to buy her a gift. Once he finally does get to trade names, he realizes he has no idea what he wants to get her, since nothing seems special enough. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash is trying to pick out a gift for Fluttershy, and Discord shows up to offer his (unwelcome) assistance, since he thinks he knows Fluttershy better than anypony. Pinkie Pie decides to go to Yakyakistan to ask Prince Rutherford for gift-giving advice. He directs her to a place even farther north, where she meets three reindeer named Aurora, Bori, and Alice (who are apparently kind of like Santa Claus, or whatever). Back in Ponyville, Rarity goes to the post office to find out when the special hat she'd ordered for Applejack will arrive, but Derpy tells her it had already been delivered... to the wrong address. So Rarity goes to find the gift, and when she does, she ends up making a new friend. Twilight considers what to get for Pinkie, and decides to make a magical pudding. Fluttershy looks for a gift for Rainbow Dash, and gets bamboozled by Flim and Flam into buying a terrible doll. Then Applejack helps her stop them from tricking any more ponies. Meanwhile, Applejack still needs to find a gift for Spike.

Well, in the end... nothing really goes as planned. (Well... Discord's plan kind of works out, but it certainly didn't go the way Rainbow Dash expected. And the gift the reindeer gave Pinkie to give Twilight worked out, in a weird way.) But of course, everypony learns that the best gift of all is friendship. (Seriously, was there ever any doubt?)

In December 2018, a few vaguely related webisodes were released.

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