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A Legendary Christmas with John & Chrissy, on NBC
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The framework of this 2018 special is done in the style of a 1990s TGIF sitcom. Which is fun, though it did seem a bit odd to me that it would be on NBC instead of ABC. Also on a Wednesday instead of Friday. But whatevs, fun is fun. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen host a Christmas party for their friends and family. (The "friends" part means a bunch of celebrity cameos, though a lot of them were people I've never even heard of. Which is fine.) Some of the ones I did know were Stevie Wonder, and Zach Galifianakis (who came dressed as Santa Claus), and Retta (who I know from Good Girls), and Kenan Thompson, and Kim Kardashian (who I just know for being famous), and Awkwafina (who I don't think I've seen in anything yet, but knew of; and she was really funny in this).

Between the standard sitcomy parts of the special, there are various other segments, most notably John singing songs from his new Christmas album, "A Legendary Christmas," which are all good, of course. There was also a dream sequence set on "The Voice" (a reality show I don't watch). And there was a scene where John, Chrissy, and some others (Darren Criss and Jane Lynch, both of whom I know from Glee, plus Meghan Trainor, and I forget who else) go out caroling. And a mac & cheese contest. And... probably some things I've forgotten. But it was all fun. Kind of redonkulous, in the way TGIF was always (or often) kind of redonkulous, so it has a nostalgic feel to it, if you were a fan of any of those shows, back in the day. And I dunno what else to tell you.

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