One Life to Live, on ABC
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This ran from 1968 to 2012. I watched it for a little while in, I think, the early-to-mid 90s, basically as part of a block with All My Children (which was set in the same fictional universe). Around that time, a character named Rebecca Lewis (Reiko Aylesworth) was corresponding with a prisoner named Todd Manning, who was in jail for having been involved in a frat party gang rape. That was a bit before I started watching. He and some friends had raped Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell). Rebecca was just like this good girl who believed in the possibility of redemption or whatever. But Todd fell in love with her, and that... wasn't the best idea, I guess. Still, he eventually turned into an interesting character (very well played by Roger Howarth). He regretted what he'd done to Marty, and we learned about his troubled past. He never seemed very happy. But eventually he found out his father, who'd screwed his mind up pretty badly, wasn't his real father. His real father was Victor Lord, who had been rich, so Todd came into a lot of money, not to mention ties to a powerful family in the town of Llanview, though I don't think either he or they were very happy about that. Anyway, eventually Todd married a woman named Blair Daimler (Kassie DePaiva), and they had a daughter together, named Starr. Roger Howarth left the show for awhile when the writers wanted Todd to become romantically involved with Marty, which he thought was wrong (quite rightly, though the characters at least came to some kind of peace with each other, eventually).

Um, Blair was the cousin of a woman named Cassie (Laura Koffman), who was married to a reverend named Andrew Carpenter. He was the son of Sloan Carpenter, who was married to Viki Lord (Todd's half-sister, as it turned out; played by Erika Slezak). Viki also had a former husband named Clint Buchanan, with whom she had a daughter named Jessica (Erin Torpey). She was dating a guy named Cristian Vega at the time I was watching, but their parents disapproved, and it was a doomed romance, I guess. Oh, I should also mention that Viki had multiple personality disorder. Um, let's see, Clint had a brother named Bo, who was the police commissioner. He was married to a woman named Nora (Hillary B. Smith). Bo and Clint's father was this rich guy named Asa, who when I was watching was married to a younger woman named Alex Olanov.

Let's see, who else was there? Nora was at some point married to the district attorney, Hank Gannon, and they had a daughter named Rachel (Ellen Bethea). Oh yeah, Hank also had a brother named R.J., who if I recall was sometimes in trouble with the law, or something. (But I vaguely recall his niece Rachel being a good influence on him.) There was also a guy named Max Holden, who was married to a woman named Luna Moody (Susan Batten). Luna was kind of new-agey. I remember Max having a gambling problem at some point, and Ron Palillo (Horshack from Welcome Back, Kotter) guest starring as like a blackjack dealer or something. Oh, and there was Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser), who was like an enemy of Viki's. She had at some point been married to Viki's father, Victor. And Cassie was her daughter. Oh, and at one point she had a fling with Viki's son, Joey Buchanan (Nathan Fillion). Well, I'm sure I'm forgetting a great many characters. And... I'm not sure what else to say. I don't remember much specifically from the show, but it was reasonably interesting, while I was watching.

Oh, I guess I also thought, at the time, that if in the unlikely event a comic book series I'd read called "Sovereign Seven" would be made into a live-action show or something, that I'd really want Erin Torpey to play the character Network. But of course no such show was ever made.

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