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Wings, on NBC
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Set at Tom Nevers Field airport on Nantucket island in Massachusetts. There were two small airlines. One was Sandpiper Air, run by Joe Hackett (Tim Daly) and his brother Brian (Steven Weber). The two of them had very different personalities, Joe being very responsible and Brian being very irresponsible, so of course they argued a lot. There was a larger, rival airline run by Roy Biggins, called Aeromass. The terminal also included a lunch counter run by a woman named Helen Chappel, who was also a cellist. And who eventually had a relationship with Joe. There was a dim-witted and odd mechanic named Lowell Mather (Thomas Haden Church). He was married to a woman named Bunny. The only actual employee of Sandpiper was Fay Cochran, the flight attendant/flight announcer/etc. There was a cab driver- originally a waiter- named Antonio Scarpacci (Tony Shalhoub). In seasons 4-5 there was a helicopter pilot named Alex Lambert, and she dated Brian for awhile. In seasons 6-8, Helen's sister Casey (Amy Yasbeck) joined the show after her husband left her, so she needed Helen's help in... learning to support herself, I guess.

Not really sure what to say. The characters were all fairly amusing. It was a funny show, though I don't remember much about it specifically. It's one of those shows I remember in an overall way, rather than remembering specific stories. I do think at the time it was on, I might have felt slightly guilty about watching it, as if I thought it was beneath me, or something. I'm not sure why; looking back on it, I'd say it was better than a lot of other sitcoms, even if it's certainly not among the best. Still, I did feel it lasted longer than it deserved to, especially considering that a lot of better shows get cancelled so early. But honestly... it had a great cast (many of the actors went on to other things I've enjoyed, as well as other things I haven't seen). And it was funny. And better written than I could appreciate at the time. Um, I did kind of like the theme music. And that's all I can think to tell you.

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