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What I Like About You, on The WB
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Amanda Bynes played a teenager named Holly Tyler, whose father got a job transfer to Japan. Holly didn't want to go with him, so instead she went to live with her older sister, Valerie (Jennie Garth), in New York. Val had a boyfriend named Jeff (Simon Rex), but they broke up near the end of the first season. There's also a guy named Gary, who is Holly's best friend. Also part way through the first season, Holly started dating a guy named Henry, but part way through the second season, they had some trouble, because Holly was having feelings for this guy named Vince, who was completely oblivious to her feelings, which she wished she wasn't having in the first place because she still wanted to be with Henry. Also in the second season, Val quit her job to start her own PR agency. Her boss at her old job was this jerk named Peter who she has feelings for even though she doesn't want to. There's also this annoying woman named Lauren who quit her job at the same place as Val to work for Val. And Holly has a new friend named Tina, who doesn't seem to get along with Gary very well, I guess. Well, that's about all I can tell you. It's a fairly amusing show. Okay? It lasted four seasons, but I didn't watch it much after the first two.

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