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The Unicorn, on CBS, Thursdays at 9:30PM
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This series is about Wade Felton and his daughters, 14-year-old Grace (Ruby Jay) and 12-year-old Natalie, as well as Wade's circle of friends. It begins a year after the death of Wade's wife, Jill, and he and his daughters are still having a hard time adjusting to life without her. Wade's friends include Forrest (Rob Corddry) and his wife Delia, and Ben and his wife Michelle. They all encourage Wade to start dating, and refer to him as a "unicorn," which is like a rare kind of man who has all the qualities women might be looking for, I guess. But the series is about much more than Wade's attempts at dating, and honestly I think the show's title would have been better as simply a title for the pilot. Mostly it's just a heartfelt sitcom about a single dad, his kids, and his friends. And I'm glad of that, because frankly Wade's dating life can be kind of awkward, and even if it wasn't, I wouldn't be interested in watching a show that focused mainly on that aspect of his life. Anyway, it's a fairly amusing show, with good characters and a good cast. And that's pretty much all I can say, for now. Oh, except that Forrest and Delia have a daughter named Addie. And Ben and Michelle have four kids; the one we see the most of is Noah. And... I missed the last five episodes of the first season, unfortunately.

Season 2
Wade starts dating a woman named Shannon, whom he had met briefly at the end of season one. And that's pretty much all I can think to say about this season.

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