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Powerless, on NBC
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So, this is a sitcom set in the world of DC comics, or some version thereof. There's a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises called Wayne Security, which is located in Charm City (unlike Wayne Enterprises' HQ, which is in Gotham City, of course). The boss is Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk), who is Bruce Wayne's cousin. (We never actually see Bruce, since he's in Gotham.) Van's only goal is to get out of this job and move back to Gotham. To that end, he has been hiring people to supervise the R&D team that works for him, but none of them last very long. The most recent, at the start of the series, is Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens), a very positive-thinking fan of Bruce Wayne, who doesn't really know anything about research & development, but who does know a lot about motivating people. Unfortunately, that isn't easy, because the whole team she's now supervising have become pretty cynical. They're supposed to develop products that help people survive and get on with their lives in a world full of superheroes and supervillains, when the battles between such people can often cause tremendous collateral damage. The team includes Teddy (played by Danny Pudi, whom I know from Community), Ron, and Wendy. The show also includes Van's personal assistant, Jackie, with whom Emily hopes to become friends. Actually, she wants to be friends with everyone, but Jackie is the biggest challenge, because she's not exactly a people person.

I don't really know what else to say. I mean, we occasionally see some supervillains or superheroes, mostly in the distance. (The only one I recall ever getting a good look at up close is a hero called Green Fury, played by Natalie Morales, who appeared in a couple of episodes.) Anyway, the show is kind of quirky (but not quite quirky enough to go in that category of reviews). And it got cancelled after just nine episodes (with three more that didn't air). I do hope I get to see the unaired episodes sometime, but I'm not sure if I will.* I did enjoy the show while it lasted, and while it wasn't really great, I feel like if it had gotten more time to develop, it could have improved. So I'm disappointed by the cancellation, but not too disappointed. I guess.

*Episode 11, "Win, Luthor, Draw," was temporarily made available on DC's YouTube channel, after the death of Adam West, who guest-starred in the episode. So I did get to see that one, at least. Unfortunately, it was removed after a couple of weeks or so, but you can see it on various streaming services. (West had also narrated the pilot episode.)

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