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Night Court, on NBC
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This was set in a courtroom, mostly. In New York. And it was funny. You had Judge Harry Stone (Harry Anderson), who was an amateur magician and practical jokester and seemed to think he was a comedian, and was a big fan of Mel Torme, and stuff. And Dan Fielding (John Larroquette), a self-centered, womanizing district attorney. And Mac Robinson (a court clerk, and Harry's best friend). And Bull Shannon, the very large and kind of slow-witted bailiff. And Christine Sullivan (Markie Post), one of several defense attorneys who were on the show, but I guess the best one and longest-lasting. And there was a bailiff named Roz Russell. And there was a bum named Phil, who sort of worked for Dan or something. And any number of recurring characters. I always enjoyed seeing Buddy (John Astin). And... I'm afraid I don't remember much to say specifically about the show, except that the cases that were tried were all fairly ridiculous and amusing. And it was just a really great cast. I'd definitely like to watch the show again, someday.

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