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NewsRadio, on NBC
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There was this newsradio station, WNYX, in New York. Dave Foley played news director Dave Nelson (who was from Wisconsin). The station was owned by eccentric multibillionaire Jimmy James (Stephen Root). Lisa Miller (Maura Tierney) was a reporter. Technically so was Matthew Brock (Andy Dick), I guess. On air talent was Bill McNeal (Phil Hartman) and Catherine Duke (Khandi Alexander), originally. In season 5, Bill would be replaced by Max Louis, (Jon Lovitz), after Phil Hartman's death. There was an electriction named Joe Garelli (Joe Rogan), who fixed everything plus invented crazy things and was a conspiracy nut and stuff. He was very cool. Matthew was a spazz (according to Bill), but funny. Bill was self-centered and vain and arrogant and stuff, but funny. Dave was the only sane one really, although Lisa was sort of sane-ish. Oh yes, also there was Beth (Vicki Lewis), Dave's secretary. She was rather weird, but cool. Everyone was weird. It was a very funny show and very well written and acted and just crazy and silly and great. And quirky, so quirky I'm not sure why I feel like it's not quirky enough to put my review in the "quirky" category instead of here. But whatever.

I wish I could think of more stuff to say about the show... But it was just awesome. I need to watch it again someday. And maybe write a proper review.

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