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The Middle, on ABC
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So... this is about a working-class family in Indiana, the Hecks. The mom, Frankie (Patricia Heaton), narrates the show. She's married to a guy named Mike. They have three kids: a son named Axl, daughter named Sue (Eden Sher), and their youngest son, Brick. The kids are all kind of weird, each in their own unique way. The parents are more normal, I guess. Though Frankie does seem to often try too hard to make things... better than they are. More normal. Which doesn't always work out so well. Mike seems more willing to leave well enough alone. I guess.

I think when the show premiered in 2009, I probably just watched the first episode, and probably thought it was okay, but didn't feel like sticking with the show. It reminded me too much of Malcolm in the Middle (in particular, Brick kinda reminded me of Dewey). It just seemed like it was gonna be a pale imitation, so I didn't see the point in watching it. However, in the years since then, I've occasionally seen a bit of the show while waiting for whatever came on after it to start. And I thought it was okay. And every once in a great while, I actually watch a whole episode. So... the show has become slightly familiar to me, and has taken on more of its own identity than I expected it to. It's still not something I really care about, but I find it reasonably enjoyable whenever I do watch it. But I don't know enough about it to say anything more specific than I did in the first paragraph. Which isn't much. Um... I guess I could say Sue is probably my favorite character.

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