tek's rating: ½

Mad About You, on NBC
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This ran for seven seasons, from 1992 to 1999. The show was about a young married couple, documentary filmmaker Paul Buchman (Paul Reiser) and his wife, PR specialist Jamie (Helen Hunt). They had friends named Fran and Mark (Richard Kind), and there was Jamie's sister Lisa, and Paul's cousin Ira. And they had a dog named Murray. We also occasionally saw Paul's parents, Burt and Sylvia. And any number of other recurring characters, over the years. Oh, and I really liked the opening theme song, "Final Frontier," performed originally by Andrew Gold (though in later seasons it was performed by Anita Baker; I liked both versions, but preferred the original). Anyway... I don't really quite know what else to say. The show was set in New York City. I loved the characters. I thought it was a brilliantly funny show, fairly quirky (though not quite enough to put it in that section rather than comedy). The cast was great. And basically... the show is just one of my favorite portrayals of a marriage I've ever seen, as well as of family relations. I wish I could think of more to say, but... it was just amusing and charming and sweet and beautiful and I really loved it.

tek's rating: ½

Season 8, on Spectrum
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In 2019 there was a revival, which I didn't get a chance to see at the time. I later watched it on Amazon Prime, starting in November 2021 and finishing the season in May 2022. (It took me a long time, considering there were only 12 episodes. And it's a good thing I finished it when I did, because it left Prime in early June.) There are some differences, like the fact that Mark is now divorced from Fran, and remarried to a woman named Tonya. And Ira is running a restaurant; the chef is an Italian woman named Lucia Francavella, who is also his girlfriend. At the start of the season, Paul and Jamie's 17-year-old daughter, Mabel, starts school at NYU, and moves out of their apartment. But we see her periodically throughout the season. We also occasionally see Jamie's sister, Lisa, who is now house and pet-sitting for various celebrities. Mainly, though, the series is about Paul and Jamie, as always. They have their ups and downs in their relationship. And... I don't want to spoil any specific details about the season. I gotta say, it was fun to see familiar characters again, and the show really was pretty much the same as it ever was. But somehow I never managed to love it, as I did the original series. I'm definitely really glad I got a chance to see it, though.

Oh, and I should say it's weird that Mabel was only 17 (18 in the finale) even though she was born during the original series, which ended 20 years before the revival. And I guess I don't remember details of the original series well enough to have noticed if anything else was amiss about the revival.

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