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Mad About You, NBC
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This was a show about a young married couple, Paul Buchman (a documentary filmmaker) and his wife Jamie (a PR specialist). They had friends named Fran and Mark, and there was Jamie's sister Lisa, and Paul's cousin Ira. And they had a dog named Murray. We also occasionally saw Paul's parents, Burt and Sylvia. And any number of other recurring characters, over the years. Oh, and I really liked the opening theme song, "Final Frontier," performed originally by Andrew Gold (though in later seasons it was performed by Anita Baker; I liked both versions, but preferred the original). Anyway... I don't really quite know what else to say. The show was set in New York City. I loved the characters. I thought it was a brilliantly funny show, fairly quirky (though not quite enough to put it in that section rather than comedy). The cast was great. Helen Hunt was gorgeous, of course. And basically... the show is just one of my favorite portrayals of a marriage I've ever seen, as well as of family relations. I wish I could think of more to say, but... it was just amusing and charming and sweet and beautiful and I really loved it.

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