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Mad Love, on CBS
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Okay, well, I wanted to check this out because I am a fan of all of the four main stars. Jason Biggs plays a guy named Ben Parr. Sarah Chalke plays a woman named Kate Swanson. Ben and Kate meet and find they have a lot in common, I guess, so they immediately like each other. They have to get past some stuff in the pilot episode, but by the end they start dating. Ben's best friend is Larry Munsch (Tyler Labine). Kate's best friend and roommate is Connie Grabowski (Judy Greer). The two of them are constantly bickering. And Larry sort of narrates the show in voiceover.

Anyway, um, I think there's a tendency to think of Ben and Kate as the main characters, because they're the ones in a relationship, and also they're played by better-known actors. But actually I was expecting the reverse to be true for me, because I'm a bigger fan of Labine and Greer. But actually... I really do think all four characters (and actors) are fairly funny in this show. At the same time, there are moments that I think are kind of sitcommy, in a bad way... but not terribly bad. And most of the show's other moments I do find fun. The show is sort of cute and quirky and likable, though everyone here has done better work before. Still, I wish the show would have lasted longer than it did... but I'm not exactly broken up about its cancellation.

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