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The John Larroquette Show, on NBC
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Set in a bus terminal in St. Louis. John Hemingway (John Larroquette) is a recovering alcoholic who's led a very wild life, which he actually remembers a little bit of. When he finally decides to sober up, he gets a job as the night shift manager of this bus station, where he meets all these strange people who also work there, and forms friendships, or at least various interesting sorts of relationships with each of them. (I'm tempted to put this review in the "quirky" category, but... not quite.) He had an assistant named Mahalia Sanchez. There were a couple of cops named Adam Hampton and Eve Eggers. A lunch counter attendant named Dexter Walker. A prostitute named Carly Watkins. A janitor named Gene (Chi McBride). A bum named Oscar. And various other characters. In the second season, John started dating a nurse named Catherine Merrick (Alison La Placa).

It was a very clever, witty, funny, cool show with a great cast, great characters. Watching the show felt somewhere between a slight buzz and a mild hangover. Or something. Anyway, I really miss it and would love to see it again sometime. And I wish I could write a proper review, because it was better than I make it sound, with my pitiful memory.

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