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Everybody Loves Raymond, on CBS
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Okay, so this is one of those sitcoms based on the stand-up comedy of a... stand-up comic, Ray Romano. In the show, he plays a sportswriter named Ray Barone. He's married to a housewife named Debra (Patricia Heaton), and they have a young daughter named Ally and younger twin boys named Michael and Geoffrey, but the show is rather famous for "not being about the kids." They live next door to Ray's parents, Frank (Peter Boyle) and Marie (Doris Roberts). And for a lot of the series, Ray's older brother, a cop named Robert (Brad Garrett), lived with their parents. Though he would live on his own eventually. And eventually he married a woman named Amy McDougall, and we'd occasionally see her own parents and brother. Um... so, it seemed like a pretty typical sitcom, to me. Ray and Debra were often frustrated by the way Ray's parents acted. And Ray and Debra were often frustrated by the way each other acted. And Robert was always frustrated by Ray being their parents' "favorite" child. But ultimately everyone really did love each other. I don't really know what else to say. It was a funny show, with memorable characters and good acting all around, but I never really found it hugely interesting. (And I guess I got kind of sick of it later, because my sister would watch reruns all the time, being one of the few shows she really likes.)

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