I don't remember this show well enough to rate it.

Dave's World, on CBS
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I don't remember this show as well as I'd like to. I do recall enjoying it at the time, but it wasn't great. Harry Anderson played Dave Barry, a humor columnist in Miami. (The show is vaguely based on the real Dave Barry, whose columns I've always enjoyed whenever I've read them.) I don't really know how closely it's based on the real Dave Barry, but presumably it's quite different, because most people's lives aren't nearly this sitcom-y. Anyway, he had a wife named Beth, and a couple of sons, Tommy and Willie, who I wouldn't remember at all if Wikipedia hadn't reminded me. He had an editor named Kenny Beckett (played by Shadoe Stevens, who I liked on this show as well as his own show, Max Monroe: Loose Cannon, and American Top 40). Dave had an assistant named Mia, who I don't remember well, but I'm pretty sure I found her annoying. And I vaguely recall Patrick Warburton being on the show. Meshach Taylor (from Designing Women) was also on the show, which I wouldn't have remembered if Wikipedia hadn't reminded me, but now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure I liked his character, Dr. Sheldon Baylor. I vaguely recall episodes being framed by Dave typing his columns, which we hear in voiceover, and which were based on events in the episode, I guess. These fake columns weren't as funny as the real Dave Barry's columns, as I recall. But what I probably remember best about the show is that the theme song was a cover of Billy Joel's "You May Be Right," but I don't think I'd ever heard the song before this show. Anyway, I liked it.

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