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The Crazy Ones, on CBS
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The title refers to a 1997 ad for Apple computers, as mentioned at one point in the pilot of this 2013 series. But the title can equally as well apply to the show's characters, especially Simon Roberts, an advertising executive played by Robin Williams. His daughter, Sydney, is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. The show was created by David E. Kelley. Those are the only names associated with the show that I was familiar with, but even just Williams and Gellar were enough for me to give the show a chance, though I wasn't expecting to like it much. And I thought the pilot was just so-so, but I've enjoyed subsequent episodes more.

So... Simon and Sydney work together at an ad agency called Lewis, Roberts & Roberts. Also working there are a copywriter named Zach, an art director named Andrew, and an assistant named Lauren. Zach is basically a cool, confident, smart-alecky guy who spends a lot of time goofing around with Simon. Andrew is considerably less confident, more reserved, and jealous of Zach's relationship with their boss. And... I don't really know what else to say about any of the other characters, but the ensemble works reasonably well together. Brad Garrett makes occasional appearances as Gordon Lewis, Simon's much more uptight business partner, who is in charge of, you know, the business end of the agency, while Simon's in charge of the creative end.

Anyway, it's a fairly amusing show. I wasn't sure if I'd bother watching a second season, but I guess there won't be one.

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