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The Carmichael Show, on NBC
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The first season of this show consisted of six episodes in late summer 2015. I must have been aware of it at the time, but didn't watch it. And when I heard of it again sometime later, I didn't really remember being aware of it, and I regretted not having seen the first season. Probably its existence first returned to my consciousness when I saw it mentioned in review(s} of at least one episode of Blackish on the A.V. Club. And then shortly before the second season premiered in March 2016, I read an article in Entertainment Weekly about an upcoming episode that discussed the Bill Cosby scandal. So I decided to watch that (the second episode of the show's 13-episode second season). I thought the episode was well done, but I didn't feel like I'd be a big fan of regular episodes, so it was awhile before I watched it again. I did eventually see some more episodes, and it's alright. I'm still not sure how funny I find it, but I do like the way it tackles various social issues. (Which once again makes me really wish I'd seen the first season. Hopefully I will watch it someday.)

Anyway, it stars comedian Jerrod Carmichael as a character of the same name. (Prior to this, I don't think I was familiar with any of his other work except voicing a bartender also named Jerrod in the animated series Lucas Bros. Moving Co.) On this show, Jerrod has a girlfriend named Maxine, who I guess started living with him in the first season. But while they have their own apartment, they spend a lot of time at Jerrod's parents' house. So we see a lot of his father Joe (David Alan Grier), mother Cynthia, brother Bobby, and sometimes Bobby's wife Nekeisha (from whom he's separated). And... I don't know what else to say, except that Jerrod's family don't often agree with Maxine about much, and Jerrod tries to mediate. (He usually agrees with Maxine about stuff, but not always.) But from what little I've seen, the Carmichaels don't particularly dislike Maxine, and their disagreements are fairly civil. (All in the Family this ain't.) And I guess that's all I can tell you. ...I did watch all of season three, which turned out to be the show's final season.

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