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Ben and Kate, on FOX
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This was about a single mother named Kate Fox (Dakota Johnson) and her brother, Ben Fox (Nat Faxon). I guess the two of them were good friends, growing up (they feel like they raised themselves, because their parents were... actually I forget what they said in the pilot). But anyway, Ben and Kate have different personalities, Ben being a sort of Peter Pan type, carefree and irresponsible, doing whatever he feels like... but basically a good guy. Kate is much more responsible and uptight. Every so often, Ben (who's been living elsewhere) comes back to town to visit Kate (generally because he wants something). But in the series premiere, he decides to stay this time, and help her raise her (adorable and somewhat precocious) five-year-old daughter, Maddie. Meanwhile, they have a couple of friends, Tommy and BJ (Lucy Punch). Tommy has an unrequited crush on Kate. BJ kinda seems to me like a female Russell Brand (she definitely tries to be a bad influence on Kate). And, um... I don't really know what else to say about any of the characters. But all the actors did an awesome job, and the show itself was very quirky, clever, and amusing. In fact, I would say it was probably my favorite new comedy of the 2012 season. Unfortunately, it got poor ratings and was cancelled after only 13 episodes. I really wish it would've lasted longer.

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