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Becker, CBS
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This starred Ted Danson, who is of course famous for his work on Cheers. It also had Alex Desert, who I knew from The Flash. And of course we like Terry Farrell, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. We also like Shawnee Smith.

Anyway, the show's about a doctor named John Becker (Danson), who hates pretty much everything and everyone. He runs a small clinic, with a couple of assistants: Margaret, and Linda (Smith). But mostly we see him hanging out at a little diner, run by a woman named Reggie (Farrell), and apparently within the diner there's a newsstand, run by a blind guy named Jake. They're both sorta friends of Becker's, though of course he's always very grumpy and doesn't get along well with them... but better than he does most people, anyway. There's also a kind of weasly guy named Bob (who refers to himself in the third person), who Becker and everyone especially dislikes, but he comes into the diner alot, so... he's sort of part of their circle, I guess. And he's not all bad. Exactly. He's pretty funny, anyway.

In later seasons, there was a character named Chris, played by Nancy Travis (who we have always liked). She eventually started a relationship with Becker, but by this point I wasn't watching the series that much anymore. And I'm not sure what else to say. The show was funny and kind of quirky, I guess. ...That's all.

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