tek's rating: ½

Space Precinct, on Sky One (UK) / syndication (USA)
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Well, I liked the concepts in this show, more or less, but it really wasn't very good. I mean, I enjoyed it and all, but the production values left a lot to be desired, and the writing and acting weren't what they could have been. Anyway, it was a cop show set in the year 2040, on an alien planet and a space station orbiting the planet. Besides humans I think there were two other major races, one of which looked kind of like humanoid hammerhead sharks or something, and the other one had like third eyes which I guess gave theme telepathy or something. The main character was a human cop named Patrick Brogan, and he had a wife and two kids. There were a couple other human cops, Jack Haldane and Jane Castle. And there were some alien cops, and they all worked together, and I think the captain was one of the hammerhead-lookin' guys. Oh, and there was a robot named Slo-mo. There were 24 episodes, but I doubt I saw all of them. Anyway, I'd really like to see it again, someday, so I'll probably eventually get it on DVD, and write up a better review. Maybe even rate it higher, we'll see.

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