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Space: Above and Beyond, on FOX
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Okay, I didn't see this whole series and would very much love to see the whole thing, from the beginning. It was really great. Marines, in space, fighting aliens we don't know much of anything about. Plus like some androids or something we had created and then had a war with them at some point in the past, and now some of them joined the aliens against us. Plus there were In-Vitros (or, disparagingly, "tanks") who were treated as second-class citizens at best, often grossly mistreated by society... but one of them was a Marine on this show fighting the aliens. Or um... two of them were.... Anyway, it was a complicated and well-written show with good characters, good stories, everything was pretty cool about it. I really wish I woulda seen the whole thing. Someday I definitely intend to get the DVDs, and then I'll write a proper review. Though I also have to say, it's a damned shame this got cancelled after just one season. It deserved to last longer.

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