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Fantasy & science fiction shows I used to watch when I was a kid, way back in the 1980s (and maybe a little ways into the early 90s). Some of these things I may eventually see again and write better reviews of and move to their own pages. Or not, we'll see.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, NBC
I have very little in the way of actual nostalgia for this show, which I'm fairly sure I didn't see when it first aired in 1979-81. But I do recall seeing at least a few episodes on tape, probably sometime in the late 80s. I think either my father or a friend of his had recorded it off some cable channel. (We didn't have access to cable at home, back then.)

Doctor Who, BBC (UK)
This is one of my most nostalgic shows. I used to watch this on Saturday afternoons (probably around 5pm), on public television, in like the mid-to-late 80s. And... I don't know what else to say about that, so I guess... you can just go read my review of the show.

Faerie Tale Theatre, Showtime
I watched a bit of this on PBS. I don't remember it well, but I know I liked it, and definitely want to see the whole series someday.

The Greatest American Hero, ABC
This is a thing I must have watched a bit of when it was first on, even though I didn't get ABC. But many years later I watched it on DVD, and the only thing I had specifically remembered happening on the show... never happened.

Hard Time on Planet Earth, CBS
I have nothing specific to say about why this is nostalgic to me. But I did watch it when it aired in 1989, and I remember it fondly.

The Incredible Hulk, CBS
I know I watched this when I was quite little, but I don't particularly remember anything from that time. I did see at least the first episode many years later, on Sci-Fi Channel or something. But I'd really like to see the show again someday.

My Secret Identity, CTV (Canada)
This is something I watched on a channel that usually came in kind of fuzzy. I think I must have always thought it was kind of cheesy or whatever, but I liked it anyway.

Starman, ABC
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This was a sequel to the movie of the same name (which I don't remember for sure if I ever saw or not). It's set 15 years after the movie, in spite of airing only a couple years after the movie came out... while simultaneously being set at the time the series aired, and the movie was set at the time it came out. So that made no sense. Anyway, apparently this alien had impregnated a woman in the movie, and now came back to Earth to meet his teenage son. I don't really remember anything specific about the show, but I probably liked it, at the time. It'd be nice to someday see the movie and the show, again.

Star Trek, NBC
I'm not sure exactly when I first saw this; certainly it wasn't when it first aired, because I wasn't born yet. But I recall at some point (probably in the late 80s and/or early 90s) watching reruns on a Canadian channel, probably on Saturday mornings. (Or maybe some other day.) And I recall watching episodes on Betamax, either before or after that, but probably around the same time. Maybe.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, syndicated
This barely qualifies as "nostalgic," because I feel like I remember it too well for that, and since it ended in 1994 (rather than the 80s), I also feel like it's too recent to truly be nostalgic. But it did start in 1987, so I guess I'm kind of nostalgic about it, at least the first few seasons. And of course, I was still fairly young when it started (like twelve years old). And I do remember, therefore, being a fan of Wesley Crusher, which probably most people who were adults when the show aired couldn't say. (I've always had a strange appreciation for Mary Sue/Gary Stu types of characters.)

The Twilight Zone, CBS
The original was before my time, though it's now easily the most important incarnation to me. However, I didn't see it until I was older, so it's not really nostalgic to me. But the 1980s reboot is somewhat nostalgic to me, even if I don't remember it nearly as well as the original.

I know I watched this when it first aired in 1984, which is kind of odd, because we surely didn't get NBC, at the time. It's a spin-off of the miniseries of the same name. I don't remember much about the show, except I think there was a girl on it that was one of my earliest TV crushes. Anyway, I'd really like to see the show again, someday.

Voyagers!, NBC
This was one of my earliest exposures to science fiction. (Again, I'm not quite sure how I got to see it, since I didn't have access to NBC at the time, but it's possible my local CBS station aired it, out of prime time.)

Wizards and Warriors, CBS
One of the earliest shows I specifically remember watching, though I didn't remember much about it til I saw years later on DVD.

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