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Jake 2.0, on UPN
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Okay, so there's guy named Jake Foley, who works for the NSA in tech support, but what he really wants to be is an NSA agent. Then he accidentally gets infected by nanites, which give him enhanced senses, strength, and regenerative powers, as well as the ability to control electronic stuff, like, telepathically. So an NSA deputy director named Louise Beckett builds a new special ops team around him. The team also includes a former field agent named Kyle Duarte, who now supervises Jake's training, and Dr. Diane Hughes (Keegan Connor Tracy), who was involved in the nanotechnology project that infected Jake, and now studies him and helps him deal with his new powers. It also seems like she could be more personally interested in him, though he's pretty oblivious, because he's recently reestablished contact with an old crush from college, Sarah Carter. But she just thinks of him as a friend, and someone to help her with computer problems, and to confide in about her investigation into DOD funds that were secretly diverted to the NSA... coincidentally, for the nanotech project.

Anyway, it's a reasonably good show, but I didn't get a chance to see too much of it, so I was glad to finally have a chance to catch up on Sci-Fi. Shame it didn't last longer (only 12 episodes, with 4 more unaired in the U.S.).

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