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Seven Days, on UPN
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I'm not actually sure how much of this I saw; it couldn't have been very much. But I saw enough episodes to have a feel for the show, and to know I liked it. Actually... I'm not sure if I ever saw it in its initial run. Maybe I only saw reruns, a few years later, like on Sci-Fi Channel ro something. Or... maybe I did see it on UPN. Whatever, who cares? Um... anyway, it was about this secret NSA project called "Backstep," which utilized a sphere constructed based on technology recovered from the Roswell UFO crash, I guess. (I'm pretty sure I never saw the first episode.) The sphere allowed a single pilot to travel back in time seven days. And there was this former Navy SEAL and ex-CIA guy named Captain Frank Parker, who was recruited to pilot the "chronosphere." There were several other people involved in Project Backstep, including Dr. Olga Vukavitch, Navy Captain Craig Donovan, Dr. Bradley Talmadge (the director of the project), NSA Agent Nathan Ramsey (who had an antagonistic relationship with Parker), and Dr. John Ballard. Anyway, every week there'd be some crisis Parker had to go back in time to avert. It was actually more of an action/adventure kinda show than serious science fiction, and it could be kind of funny or even a bit ridiculous, but it was a fun show. And I'd like to see the whole series, someday.

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