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The Single Guy, on NBC
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This is a show that I always thought was underrated by both critics and viewers. I found it clever, amusing, and adorable. It only lasted two seasons, which is a shame, but I guess it's okay. I originally included my review under "comedy," but I think it was quirky enough to include it here. I also thought of putting it in "too something," not so much because it was short-lived, as because it was too underrated... and also, I don't remember it as well as I'd like.

Anyway, Jonathan Silverman played a novelist named Jonathan Eliot. His best friend was Sam Sloan, who was married to a woman named Trudy (Ming-Na Wen). They were also friends with a married couple named Matt and Janeane Parker (though they may have just been in season one). And there was a doorman played by Ernest Borgnine. There was a woman named Deliah and a guy named Dan (in season two). There were probably any number of other characters I don't remember at all, though I do remember Olivia d'Abo being in the show.

But anyway, the point of the show was basically about... Jonathan being single, when his friends were married. Or at least that was the point of the title. I don't recall how much it actually played into the plot of the series overall, though it was important early on. I can't really think of anything specific to say about the characters or the series, just that I thought it was a funny and charming show. At the time, critics may have said it was basically just a copycat of shows like Seinfeld or Friends, which may not have been completely unfair. A lot of shows have followed similar formulas, though I do think this one had its own unique flavor. And in retrospect, I think it would really appeal to fans of How I Met Your Mother.

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