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Dharma & Greg, on ABC
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Greg Montgomery (Thomas Gibson) is this sort of normal lawyer guy who comes from money, with very formal, uptight parents, Edward and Kitty (Susan Sullivan). Dharma Finklestein (Jenna Elfman) is a free spirit, with hippie parents, Larry (Alan Rachins) and Abby (Mimi Kennedy). So, Dharma and Greg are very different people, and yet they fall in love and get married after their first date. Greg had a friend and colleague named Pete Cavanaugh (Joel Murray), and Dharma's best friend was Jane Deaux (Shae D'Lyn). Pete was kind of dopey and lazy. Jane was kind of... misanthropic, I guess. Kind of weird, not much like Dharma, but still they had a good friendship, and Jane was possibly my favorite character on the show.

The show lasted five seasons. I thought it was a really fresh and cool and hilarious and delicious show, for the first season or two. But I hardly ever watched it in later seasons. For the first season, I was in love with the show, and with Dharma. I'd make a point of having a cold bottle of raspberry soda (S&O'K, a Maine brand which I can't find anymore) while watching this, because I thought it tasted just like the show. And I loved the opening theme. And I don't know what else to say. (Except I think before the show debuted, Greg's name was originally going to be spelled Gregg. Not important.)

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