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Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23, on ABC
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So there's this young woman named June, who has just moved to New York City from the Midwest, for a new job. A totally awesome job that provided a totally awesome apartment. But when she arrived at work, she found the place in chaos, as the guy in charge had been embezzling and was arrested and the whole company pretty much ceased to exist, as all its assets had been frozen. Including the awesome apartment June was supposed to move into. So she had to find a new, less awesome apartment, and she'd need a roommate. The one she found was Chloe (Krysten Ritter), who seemed quite nice. But a woman named Robin (Liza Lapira), who lives in the apartment across the hall from Chloe, warned June not to trust the bitch in Apt 23 (hence the title of the show, in which "B----" is actually spelled with dashes and just pronounced "B," though Robin said the whole word). But Robin seemed kinda nuts, so June didn't heed the warning. (And after all, she was pretty desperate.)

Well, it soon turns out that Robin was right. Chloe has this scam whereby she attracts roommates, who pay first and last month's rent, and deposit, and then drives them away by acting crazy... so basically, she never has to pay rent, herself. Though really... she's not acting. I mean, I don't know that she's really crazy, but she's definitely a self-centered hedonist, liar, thief, has few morals... though she may sort of overplay these qualities for the purposes of her scam, it does seem to be who she really is. But, June surprises her by not giving up, and in fact selling all of Chloe's stuff (though they get it all back by the end of the first episode). This earns June Chloe's respect. I should also mention that Chloe used to date (a fictionalized version of) James Van Der Beek, and now they're friends. So Van Der Beek plays himself in this show, which is quite amusing and kind of meta. And... it does turn out that Chloe isn't all bad. She does at least expose June's fiance as a cheater... which June appreciates, finding out the truth before getting married, so she doesn't waste years of her life on him.

Oh, and there's a guy named Mark, who worked at the company June was supposed to work for. After losing that job when the business was shut down, he immediately got a manager job at a coffee shop, and then hired June to work there. So they become friends. And there's a guy named Eli who lives in the building across from Chloe and June, who's a pervert and peeping tom and whatnot, but these things are treated very casually, so he's sort of friendly with Chloe and June. And James has an assistant named Luther, who's rather overprotective of James.

Anyway... the first season was pretty short, and the second season... had episodes aired out of order, some of which should have been in season one. So it was kind of hard to follow. And it got cancelled early. Still, it was a crazy funny show. (Chloe is someone I'd despise in real life, but as a fictional character I kind of loved her. She's such a Veronica, which is cool. And June is a total Betty.) And... I dunno what else to say. It's a shame it didn't last long, but I guess I won't miss it too much.

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