This was a Saturday morning block of live-action shows, starting in 1992, aimed at teens (hence the "T" in "TNBC"). In 2002, it was replaced by Discovery Kids on NBC. TNBC was inspired by the popularity of Saved by the Bell, which had debuted in 1989 (though I don't recall if I'd seen it prior to the debut of the TNBC block). I didn't actually get NBC when I was a kid, but my local CBS station, which was also affiliated with NBC and ABC, aired the block on Saturday afternoons, after CBS's morning lineup had concluded. So, I watched Saved by the Bell that way. And I saw some of California Dreams, the only other show in the block that interested me even remotely. I probably checked out some of the other shows, like maybe "Hang Time," but I don't think I did more than check them out once. The only ones I watched with any regularity were SBTB and CD. I'm pretty sure that even as a kid in my early to mid teens who wanted to feel cool by watching shows that I knew were popular with other teens, I recognized the shows as being of poor quality, but I still kind of liked those two. But I'm also sure that if I watched them now, I'd like them a lot less than I did back then. (And I was definitely a fan of Mark-Paul Gosselaar's acting in SBTB, a fact which now kind of embarrasses me.)

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