Sunday Funday, on FOX

A Sunday night block of comedies, both animated and live-action, which replaced Animation Domination in September 2014. In October 2017, the block was renamed "Fox Sunday Night," though I wasn't really aware of that until a couple years later (even though throughout those two years I did sometimes vaguely wonder if it was still called "Sunday Funday" or not). Still, it was a mix of animated shows and live-action shows, so I think of it as the same block, regardless of the name. However, in September 2019, the block (by whatever name) ended, as Animation Domination returned.

The initial lineup included The Simpsons (season 26), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (season 2; it moved from Tuesdays), and Family Guy (season 13). In October, Bob's Burgers (season 5) and "Mulaney" joined the lineup. (I didn't watch any of the latter, and it was cancelled after one season.) In March 2015, "The Last Man on Earth" joined the lineup. (I only watched a few episodes before quitting. But it was renewed for another season.) In May 2015, Golan the Insatiable (season 2) joined the lineup. (Its first season was part of ADHD. It was cancelled after the second season, unfortunately.)

Pretty much the same, but in January 2016 (partway through its third season), Brooklyn Nine-Nine moved back to Tuesdays, and a couple of new shows premiered: the live-action "Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life" and the animated "Bordertown," neither of which I watched (and both of which were cancelled after one season).

Son of Zorn joined the fall lineup. (The fact that it's a mix of live-action and animation kind seems symbolic to me of Sunday Funday being a mix of live-action and animated shows.) Making History joined the lineup in March 2017. Both shows were cancelled after one season, unfortunately.

Fox Sunday Night

Ghosted joined the fall lineup. It was cancelled after one season. In the spring, Brooklyn Nine-Nine moved back to Sundays for the second half of its fifth season. (It was cancelled after that, but NBC picked it up for a sixth season... which obviously won't be part of this block.) Also after this season, "Last Man on Earth" was cancelled.

"Rel" joined the fall lineup, but I didn't watch it. It was cancelled after one season. In June of 2019, "What Just Happened??! With Fred Savage" premiered.

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