Discovery Kids on NBC, on NBC

This was a Saturday morning block of educational shows for kids. In September 2002, it replaced TNBC, and in September 2006, it was replaced by Qubo. The block featured shows that originally aired on the cable network Discovery Kids, which itself was rebranded as The Hub in October 2010. I never watched a lot of the shows in this block, but I did see a few. Probably mainly on NBC, but a bit on the Discovery Kids network itself. (I'm using this page to double as the programming block on NBC and my network page for Discovery Kids.)

stuff I've seen
Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (10/5/2002 - 3/26/2005; followed by a TV movie finale in 2006)
Scout's Safari (10/5/2002 - 2/7/2004)
Flight 29 Down (10/1/2005 - 8/25/2007; I didn't see a lot of this)
Growing Up Creepie (9/9/2006 - 6/21/2008; I didn't see a lot of this)

stuff I want to see

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