Adult Swim Comedy

Adult Swim started out on Sunday nights on Cartoon Network. It would rerun on Thursday nights. Later they dropped the Thursday reruns, and added a second night of different shows on Saturday nights. The Saturday lineup is called ASA, which stands for "Adult Swim Action," although the second "A" might as well stand for "Anime," cuz it seems to work out that all the shows are anime, that night. The Sunday lineup is ASC, for "Adult Swim Comedy," although the "C" might as well stand for "Cartoons." Kinda funny how those initials work out for both nights.... Anyway, I'll leave the ASA lineup in the various anime pages, but I decided, more or less on a whim, to move the ASC lineup to its own page.

Let's begin...

Adult Swim Promos (filler)

Captain Linger is this superhero who after he saves the day, stands around talking to people or whatever, and they're all sort of annoyed and want to leave and stuff. It's funnier than it sounds, okay? Aquaman Dance Party is this thing where Aquaman just like stands around dancing, sort of. He's animated, of course, but he's standing in front of like live-action scenes or whatever. Boring scenes. It's funnier than it sounds. Anyway, it's short. I guess there are some other promos, which maybe I haven't seen or whatever. Also there are commercials, which I haven't seen all of, but the ones I've seen are generally pretty funny. If you're an Adult Swim fan. I dunno what else to say.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

It's a stupid but brilliant and hilarious show. Really crazy. Alot of fun. Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad are detectives. Shake is lazy and not all that bright and very selfish, and stuff. Meatwad is basically a good guy but dumb and easily manipulated and gullible. Frylock is the only smart one who's serious about anything, and the only one with any decent powers. (He zaps lightning from his eyes.) They hardly ever actually do any detective work, but who cares? There's also a guy named Carl who lives next door and stuff. And um, a mad scientist named Dr. Weird, and his assistant Steve. It's a fun show.
I suppose I'd call this a tier 2 show.

Baby Blues (gone)

This was on the WB before coming to Adult Swim, but I don't think I was aware of it before. Anyway, it's based on the comic strip of the same name. It was about this married couple, Darryl and Wanda MacPherson, and their baby daughter Zoe, and their neighbors the Bittermans, and the babysitter Bizzy, and this guy Kenny who Darryl worked with, and I think that's about it. It had a decent cast. It could be kinda funny sometimes. But it was best taken in small, infrequent doses, and I don't think anyone's really going to miss it much.
This would probably be tier 4 or 5.

The Brak Show

It's a very stupid show, but hilariously so. Really crazy. Alot of fun. It features Brak and Brak's parents and Zorak and other characters sometimes, in a sort of mock-50's sitcom. But it's not Brak's best work (which was on Cartoon Planet). Before this show, Brak did a few eps of something called Brak Presents the Brak Show Starring Brak, which was actually a sort of variety show with real live guests and stuff. It was okay, but probably not even quite as good as the Brak Show is.
This show could be anywhere from tier 2 to tier 4, depending on the episode.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

It's a very stupid show, but hilariously so. Really crazy. Alot of fun. Birdman used to be a superhero, you know, and almost got the gig hosting Space Ghost Coast to Coast. (But not really.) Anyway, now he's a lawyer. I wouldn't be surprised if he got that idea from one of Space Ghost's old enemies, I forget his name. I'm probably wrong, anyway. And it isn't important. Um... anyway, this is a courtroom drama. I mean comedy. Harvey Birdman defends characters from old cartoons, or whatever. Also it seems like random wacky stuff happens sometimes. I dunno what else to say. It's all kind of bizarre.
This show is probably tier 4, I guess.

Home Movies

This show is very clever and funny. Brendon Small is this kid who makes home movies with his friends Jason and Melissa. And, um, lots of other stuff happens with them and other kids and um, Jon McGuirk the soccer coach and other teachers at school and Brendon's mom and sometimes Melissa's dad, and um... I dunno. It's strange in a way. It's silly. It's just alot of fun and I don't know what else to say about it. This was on UPN before it came to Adult Swim. But I'm pretty sure I never got a chance to see it before.
This show is probably worthy of tier 1.

Mission Hill

I never saw this when it was originally on like the WB. I don't even remember being aware of it until it came to Adult Swim. But anyway, there's this guy, Andy French, who wants to be a cartoonist. And he has a couple weird roommates, Jim and Posey, and a weird dog named Stogie, and his parents send his weird little brother Kevin to stay with him for awhile. And it's just a kinda weird show. It's funny, but I dunno what else to say about it. Cake did the theme music.
This show would be tier 3, I guess.

Night of the Living Doo (special)

A mock-Scooby Doo special which was pretty hilarious and had some great guest stars, including Gary Coleman, David Cross, Mark Hamill, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I dunno what to say about it.
Tier 3, I guess.

The Oblongs

Sick, twisted, insane, and occasionally kinda funny. ...Actually, this was originally on the WB, I guess. I watched it then, so it's probably the first old show from another network to come to Adult Swim that I'd actually seen before. Anyway... the main character is Milo Oblong, who lives in the Valley. Everyone there is rather poor, and the whole place seems to be run-down and contaminated, leading to all sorts of physical and sometimes mental abnormalities in the locals. All the rich people live in the Hills. They seem kinda freakish to me, in their own way, but less obviously so than the Valley people. Anyway, the show's okay, I guess, but not great. I like (but not in a liking way) Milo's friend Susie, the cynical, depressed, kind of gothic French girl. And most of the voices on this show are familiar from other stuff....
I'm gonna say tier 4, with shades of tier 3.

Saddle Rash (special)

A pretty hilarious western, if you ask me. A gunfighter with no arms comes to town seeking revenge against Tommy Morgan. The story is narrated by this old coot named Gummy. Bunch of interesting characters in the show, really good cast. Tommy and Gummy are both voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, who is familiar from plenty of other things, anything from Squigglevision. Played Ben Katz on Dr. Katz, also worked on Science Court, and does Jon McGuirk and Jason on Home Movies. And stuff. Um, anyway, I did my best once, on a whim, to write up a transcript of the show, in case anybuddy's interested. Anyway... it seems pretty unlikely that any more installments of this show would be made. And it probably wouldn't work as a regular series, anyway, though I wouldn't mind the occasional 15 or 30 minute episode. It really is funny.
Tier 2.

Sealab 2021

It's a stupid but brilliant and hilarious show. Really crazy. Alot of fun. Most of the characters are really stupid and incompetent and they really don't care. And those that aren't stupid are still insane and stuff. But anyway, it can be pretty damn funny. Don't ask me to explain the plot; there really isn't one, and the writers know it. That's what's so good about it. Also the theme song, by Calamine, totally rocks. Um, oh... I guess it's vaguely based on some old show called Sealab 2020, which I've never seen and don't much care to.
Let's say tier 2 or 3.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

It's a stupid but brilliant and hilarious show. This is the best talk show in the history of the universe. A talk show hosted by Space Ghost. A talk show with bandleader Zorak and producer Moltar, who are Space Ghost's prisoners. A talk show where the guests are usually fairly incidental, even if they're often very cool and funny and stuff. But the show's about the main three: the ghost, the mantis, and the lava man. Those guys are nuts and stuff. Space Ghost used to be a superhero, in the 60's, of course. He sucks, except for being so funny and dumb and fantastical and stuff. Zorak and Moltar were villains. They are way cooler and better than Space Ghost, especially Zorak. And just as funny. Oh, and the show was around on Cartoon Network for years before Adult Swim ever started.
Tier 1 for the most part, though some eps could be tier 2 or 3, there might even be a few 4's in there somewhere.

Welcome to Eltingville (special)

Actually, this could serve as the pilot to a series... or not. It'd be really cool if it became a series, cuz this show is just hysterical and stuff. There's this little club of friends who celebrate all things geeky, and it's really pretty cool to watch, for us geeks who like most of the same stuff they do. These geeks could probably blow the "Beat the Geeks" geeks out of the water....
Tier 2.

Adult Swim