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Andy Barker, P.I., on NBC
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This sitcom ran for just six episodes in 2007, and I only got a chance to see four of them. Andy Richter plays Andy Barker, an accountant who just moved into a new office, which was formerly occupied by a now-retired private investigator named Lew Staziak (who's old school, hard boiled, and kind of crazy). And so people start coming there looking to hire Andy as a P.I. And Lew ends up helping Andy, or else bringing in cases himself, looking for Andy's help. And, well, despite intiial reluctance, Andy ends up getting fairly caught up in all this stuff, and he's not bad at it, though he's still obviously more comfortable as an accountant. He's also a pretty mild-mannered, nice guy, with a nice wife named Jenny, who isn't thrilled about him getting into the dangerous P.I. business. There are also a couple of guys with businesses in the same area as Andy's office: Simon, who runs a video rental store, and who seems fairly dumb and goofy; and Wally, an Afghani immigrant who runs a restaurant or something. But anyway, they end up helping Andy out in his investigations. Though I use the term "help" rather loosely....

And that's about it. It's a quirky premise, an offbeat show, pretty simple, charming, and amusing. Andy's definitely the most sensible person on the show, perhaps the only sensible person (except perhaps for his wife). Really it's all pretty unbelievable, and yet somehow... you end up believing it. Sort of. I dunno, it's just really cute and funny. And I wish it would have lasted longer.

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