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Note: There are several detective series I already have pages for, just because I know I saw a bit of them when I was a kid, but which I might just as well have included on the "want to see" page, considering I remember them so little that I might as well not have seen them. But... this page is just for things I haven't actually seen at all.
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The Dresden Files, on Sci-Fi Channel
Amazon; IMDb; Lionsgate; Thrilling Detective;; TV Tango; TV Tropes; Wikia; Wikipedia

This aired for one season in 2007. I don't remember why I didn't watch it. But I can say that it's based on a series of books that I haven't read.

The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, on ABC
Hardy Boys Wiki; IMDb; Nancy Drew Wiki; Retro Junk;; TV Tango; TV Tropes; Universal; Wikipedia

This aired for three seasons, in 1977-79. I was too young at the time to have seen it, but it's something I'd probably like to check out someday.

Honey West, on ABC
Great but Forgotten; IMDb; Thrilling Detective;; TV Tango; VCI Entertainment; Wikipedia

This was before my time.

Jessica Jones

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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, on ABC TV (Australia) / Netflix (USA)
ABC TV; Acorn TV; IMDb; Netflix; Thrilling Detective;; TV Tango; TV Tropes; Wikia; Wikipedia

Not sure when I'll get a chance to see this, but I definitely want to.

My Life Is Murder, on Network Ten (Australia) / Acorn TV (USA)
10 play; Acorn TV; IMDb; Thrilling Detective; TV Tango; Wikipedia

Basically the only thing I know about this is that it stars Lucy Lawless, which is good enough for me. But I have no idea if or when I might get to see it.

The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, on Nickelodeon
Amazon; IMDb; Nickipedia;; TV Tango; TV Tropes; Wikipedia

It's entirely likely that I gave this show a chance (probably just one episode) and decided not to bother with it, but then again it's also possible I never saw it at all. I certainly remember being aware of it, when it first aired. And now I feel like I'd like to give it more of a chance, someday.

Nancy Drew, on The CW
CW; IMDb; Nancy Drew Wiki;; TV Tango; Wikipedia

I'd definitely like to check out this 2019 series, but I don't currently have access to the CW. If and when I do get to see it, I'm not sure if I'd end up putting my review under "detective shows" or "dramas" or what. (It might even be "supernatural," for all I know at this point.) But since the title character is traditionally portrayed as an amateur detective, this is the category I'll assume, for now.

Riptide, on NBC
IMDb; Retro Junk; Sony Pictures; Thrilling Detective;; TV Tango; Wikipedia

This aired for three seasons, in 1984-86. I didn't get NBC at the time, but I definitely feel like I might have seen the show somehow, at least a bit of it. And so the idea of the show feels vaguely nostalgic to me. Even if I'm not really sure if I saw it at all.

The Rockford Files, on NBC
IMDb; Mill Creek Entertainment; Peacock; Retro Junk; Thrilling Detective;; TV Tango; TV Tropes; Universal; Wikipedia

This starred James Garner as private eye Jim Rockford. That's pretty much all I know. The show's a bit before my TV-watching time, but I've long been vaguely aware of it, and it seemed like something that must be pretty cool. So I'd definitely like to watch it someday. Um... it ran for six seasons, and it seems like the first three of them are on Hulu, so maybe I'll check that out sometime. All six seasons are available on DVD. Apparently there have also been a bunch of TV movies, and I'm sure I saw one of them, but I don't really remember anything about it.

Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, on FOX
Amazon; Baker Street Wiki; IMDb; Mill Creek; Retro Junk;; TV Tropes; Wikipedia

This aired for two seasons in 1999-2001. I must have been aware of it at the time, and I may have seen bits and pieces, but I don't recall ever seeing a whole episode. And I don't remember anything specific about the show, but it's something I wouldn't mind checking out someday.

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