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Everybody Hates Chris, on UPN (s1) / The CW (s2-4)
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This aired on UPN for the first season, in 2005; subsequent seasons aired on the CW, after UPN and the WB merged to form that network. The title is a play on the show Everybody Loves Raymond, but otherwise I don't think the shows have much in common. It's set in the 1980s, and focuses on the teenage years of a character named Chris Rock, who is vaguely based on the series' creator, comedian Chris Rock, who also narrates in voiceover (similar to The Wonder Years). Chris lives with his parents, Julius (Terry Crews) and Rochelle, his brother Drew, and sister Tonya. His best friend is a kid named Greg. I can't really tell you that much about the show, because I don't think I watched much of it... probably just the first season or so. And even then, I probably didn't watch every episode. Chris was fairly unlucky. That's all I can think to say. It was an amusing show, but I just never got as into it as I might have liked to.

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