Sky One
(launched in 1982 as "Satellite Television"; rebranded as "Sky Channel" in 1984; as "Sky One" in 1989)
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This is a British network I've never seen, but I've seen some of its programs elsewhere.

Space Precinct (10/3/1994 - 7/24/1995; aired in syndication in the US)
The 4400 (7/11/2004 - 9/16/2007; co-production; aired on USA Network in the US)
Hex (10/17/2004 - 12/18/2005; aired on BBC America in the US)
Hogfather (12/17-18/2006; miniseries; aired on Ion in the US)
The Colour of Magic (3/23-24/2008; miniseries; aired on Ion in the US)
Treasure Island (1/1-2/2012; miniseries; aired on Syfy in the US)
Moone Boy (9/14/2012 - 4/6/2015; streams on Hulu in the US)

stuff I want to see
A Discovery of Witches
Going Postal (miniseries)
The Last Dragonslayer

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