Sci-Fi Channel (see also Sci-Fi Friday, S.C.I.F.I. World, and Ani-Monday)
(launched in 1992; rebranded as Sci Fi in 1999, and as Syfy in 2009)
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The first time I had regular access to cable TV was when I went to college in fall of 1995. Looking back on it now, I believe my university's cable package didn't include Sci-Fi Channel until January 1996. But fall of '95 was also when I first had access to the internet, and I think that even before I got to start watching Sci-Fi Channel, I became a regular on the network's website, which was called The Dominion (it was at, which now redirects to I loved the Dominion probably more than I did the channel itself, and now I really miss it. (The new website is nothing like the old one.)

FTL Newsfeed (9/24/1992 - 12/20/1996)
Sci-Fi Buzz (9/24/1992 - ?/?/?)
Sliders (6/8/1998 - 2/4/2000; s1-3 aired on FOX)
Farscape (3/19/1999 - 3/10/2003)
Exposure (4/5/2000 - ?/?/2002)
The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne (6/18/2000 - 12/16/2000; originally on CBC)
The Chronicle (7/14/2001 - 3/22/2002)
Taken (12/2-13/2002; miniseries)
Battlestar Galactica (12/8-9/2003; miniseries)
Tripping the Rift (3/4/2004 - 10/19/2005; s3 aired elsewhere, I guess)
5ive Days to Midnight (6/7-10/2004; miniseries)
Andromeda (9/24/2004 - 5/13/2005; s1-4 aired in syndication)
Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars (10/17-18/2004; miniseries)
Earthsea (12/13-14/2004; miniseries)
Battlestar Galactica (1/15/2005 - 3/20/2009)
The Triangle (12/5-7/2005; miniseries)
Doctor Who (3/17/2006 - ?/?/2008; s5 onward aired on BBC America; originally on BBC One)
Eureka (7/18/2006 - 9/23/2008; s3e9-s5 aired on Syfy)
The Amazing Screw-On Head (7/?/2006; special; originally released on
Who Wants to Be a Superhero? (7/27/2006 - 9/6/2007)
The Lost Room (12/11-13/2006; miniseries)
Tin Man (12/2-4/2007; miniseries)
Heatstroke (5/31/2008; TV movie)

stuff I want to see
The Dresden Files
Frank Herbert's Dune (miniseries)
G vs E (s1 aired on USA Network; I saw at least part of this, but not enough)
Mission Genesis (I saw at least a bit of this)
Painkiller Jane (TV movie)
maybe some other stuff

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