TV shows listed by network
(see also webseries listed by network)

Some time ago, I started a section in my movie reviews for movies listed by studio. I did that because of how often studios and distributors would change their websites in such a way that it would require me to change links in my reviews, and it was therefore convenient for me to have lists of all the movies by a particular company, so I wouldn't have to hunt them all down if and when I needed to change links. Well, for some time I've been thinking of doing that for TV shows, as well. And now I'm finally doing it. And I guess I shall list shows on each page chronologically rather than alphabetically.

Note: I'll try to list dates that shows aired on a particular network, but when a show aired on multiple networks (particularly in different countries) I may only know one set of dates, and it may be for the wrong network. However, sometimes I will be able to provide different sets of dates for different networks, if I list a show on more than one network and Wikipedia provides both sets of dates.

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