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Sesame Street, on PBS (1969-2015) / HBO (2016-2020) / HBO Max (2020-present)
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Sunny day, sweepin' the clouds away, on my way to where the air is sweet. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Come and play, everything's A-OK. Friendly neighbors there, that's where we meet. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? How to get to Sesame Street? How to get to Sesame Street?

Now this is what I call a long-running show. A classic. The show for kids. Of all time. (It debuted in 1969, six years before I was born.) A lot has changed over the years, but a lot is still pretty much the same. (Some of you kids may not believe me, but there was a time when nobody but Big Bird believed that Snuffleupagus existed.) Well, what else to say? Oscar the Grouch was probably my favorite character. He had a worm friend named Slimey. Is that crazy worm still around? I liked Slimey. I wanna be a damn Grouchketeer! Oh, and Grungetta... Who else was there? I dunno, countless Muppets living together with real people. How great. Cookie Monster is cool. Bert and Ernie are cool. Grover is cool. The Count is cool. Telly is cool. That guy who always hit his head on the piano, what was his name? Barkley the dog, Prairie Dawn, Guy Smiley, Harvey Kneeslapper (I sometimes wonder if he was named after "Harvey Wallbanger"), Sherlock Hemlock, so many others.... Man, I can't even remember all the Muppets on this show. It's a shame. And they've added plenty of others, over the years. Um... anyway, this show is an eternal classic. There were tons of sketches, animations, songs, etc., some of which I still remember quite fondly. If I think of any, and can find them online, I'll put them on my nostalgia clips page. Of course, I haven't watched the show regularly in many years, but even now I do, on rare occasions, tune in for a few minutes while channel surfing. And it can get pretty weird, let me tell you. (Also, some modern clips can even go viral online. Especially if they have celebrity cameos... which is something the show has always done....)

Oh yeah, I should also say that there are lots of different international versions of the show. I guess rather than just dub the original, each country would make its own show. Or whatever. Even Canada! You'd think the American version would be good enough for them, but no.... Ah, whatevs. It's cool. As for the American version, it spent 45 seasons on PBS. Then in 2016, season 46 debuted on HBO (to rerun later on PBS).

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