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Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, on Cartoon Network
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I'm not sure exactly when this is set within the timeline of the Teen Titans series, but it first aired after the series ended, so maybe it's set after that. Anyway... some villain called Saico-Tek attacked the city and when the Titans started chasing him, he ended up at Titans Tower, which he threw a bunch of shuriken-grenades or whatever into it. But they ended up catching him, and he said he was sent by someone called Brushogun. (The name will make sense later, but I won't say why.) Then Saico-Tek disappears. Anyway, Beast Boy thinks it's time for the Titans to take a vacation, but Robin just wants to go to Tokyo to track down Brushogun.

When they get there, they meet a police detective named Commander Daizo, who leads a bunch of troopers in identical armor (though Daizo himself is dressed like Zenigata from the anime Lupin III). He tells them that Brushogun is just a myth. So, the Titans decide to use their trip to Tokyo as a vacation, after all. Beast Boy wants to go to a comic shop, but it's closed. But he manages to have some fun, anyway. Cyborg goes to an all-you-can-eat sushi bar. Raven goes looking for something to read. Robin and Starfire have some fun together, and their relationship begins to move beyond friendship (finally), though Robin decides to go back to looking for Brushogun. He ends up getting attacked by Saico-Tek again, and then gets thrown in jail. Meanwhile, the other Titans are attacked by various strange enemies.

Of course, eventually the Titans get back together, and learn the truth about their enemies, and have a final battle and save the day. And that's pretty much all I want to reveal about the plot. But, I thought it was all fairly fun and amusing and cool and stuff. Lots of treats for fans of the show, and for fans of anime in general. I dunno, I'll watch it again sometime and see if I think of anything else to say....

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