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Snow Wonder, on CBS
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I watched this when it aired in 2005, and I wrote a review, but sometime later I deleted it, probably because I didn't really care for the movie. Then in 2015, it came to mind, and I thought I'd like to have my review, after all. So I checked the Wayback Machine to see if I could find it... and it took awhile, so I thought it was just gone. But I persevered, and finally I found it. So here's what I wrote, ten years ago (with several new edits):

Based on a story by Connie Willis. (Edit: The story was "Just Like the Ones We Used to Know.") Although I think she's a better writer than this, but she's the main reason I wanted to watch this movie. It was supposed to be on at 9, but for some reason didn't start till around 9:50. I watched roughly the first half, and taped the rest, since Adult Swim came on, because this started late. And watched the rest of this the next day. I thought the first half was mostly kinda lame, but I liked the latter half. Maybe in part because I was drinking at the time, but I dunno. I think probably it just got a bit better.

Anyway, it's several stories. They're not really woven together, whatever you might read elsewhere. The only common thread is that there's this snow storm going on, like, everywhere. Even places where it rarely or never snows. Anyway, in one story, there's a woman named Paula (Poppy Montgomery), who is supposed to be the maid of honor at the wedding of her best friend, Cindy... although she actually loves the groom. And maybe it will turn out he loves her, too. But it's complicated, cuz there's also a musician whose band is supposed to play at the wedding, and he's liked her for years, though he's never actually met her.

In another story, there's a woman named Bev (Camryn Manheim), whose husband died last Christmas, and she's come to a place where it never snows, because snow reminds her of her late husband. But it snows anyway. So she has to deal with her grief.

Another story is about a divorced woman named Pilar (Jennifer Esposito), who has joint custody of her son, who is supposed to spend Christmas with his father, but the snow prevents that.

There's a story about a writer named Luke, whose aunt Lula (Mary Tyler Moore) shows up, and the rest of his family is delayed by the snow. She helps him realize he doesn't have to worry about what his mother or anyone else thinks of him.

There's a story about a man named Warren (Jason Priestley), who is cheating on his wife.

There's also a story about a weatherman named Billy, who's upset that he's been reduced to being a weatherman. But there's also a woman named Joey (who writes the stuff Billy reads off the teleprompter), who has an almost obsessive crush on him. He reports about the snow that's... snowing... everywhere. There's something about it maybe being the end of the world. Which of course it isn't. Anyway, he has to get to know Joey, and get to appreciate... his job or whatever, I dunno.

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