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Spies, Lies and Naked Thighs, on CBS
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This is something I think I probably watched when it first aired in 1988, but I didn't remember much about it. Then one day in 2017, I happened to see a really cheap used DVD in a thrift shop, and decided to get it. So... I expected it to be really ridiculous and cheesy, and I was right. And some of the humor includes offensive cultural stereotypes. Anyway, it's a spoof of spy movies, sort of. Or maybe not so much a spoof as just... a spy movie that happens to be a comedy. Whatever. I guess some of it was a little bit amusing, and at any rate, there are worse ways to spend an hour and a half.

Ed Begley, Jr. plays a U.N. translator named Alan. He and his wife, Beverly, a school teacher for the children of foreign ambassadors, I guess, live in an apartment building specifically for housing U.N. employees. One day, his old friend Freddie (Harry Anderson), whom he hasn't seen in six years, shows up. Freddie used to be married to Beverly's best friend, Evelyn, until he left her (also six years ago). So of course Beverly hates him for breaking her friend's heart, but it seems like he'd always been kind of a jerk in a lot of ways, so even before that, she'd never liked him. And now that he's returned, Beverly wants Freddie to leave, but Alan wants to at least hear him out. And Freddie tells them that he's not really Freddie, but a CIA agent who had undergone plastic surgery to look like Freddie, as a cover so he could crash at Alan and Beverly's place while he investigates a few of the other women who live in their building. One of them is suspected of planning to assassinate President Reagan at an upcoming meeting, and Freddie's job is to find out which one is the assassin.

Well, naturally Alan and Beverly both have trouble believing any of this, and the audience is given plenty of reasons to doubt his story, too. (I mean, aside from the fact that the entire premise is absurd. After all, it is a comedy, so real world logic doesn't generally apply.) But eventually they do start to believe him, and they both get involved in his investigation. Meanwhile, Evelyn is still in love with Freddie, even though she knows she shouldn't be. And Beverly tries to dissuade her from rekindling her old romance... whether it's the real Freddie or not. (Also, Evelyn is one of the three suspects.)

Anyway, I don't want to give away any more details, or say how it all ends. I will say the movie's title is only partly accurate, though: There are spies and lies, but not any really naked thighs. (The women are all attractive, though.) And um... I guess I'm glad to have seen the movie again, to refresh my memory. (The only thing about it that was at all familiar to me was the premise of either a spy pretending to be an old friend, or vice versa. Or maybe both. Whatever.) And now that I've seen it and written this review, I probably never need to watch it again.

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