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Monster Island, on MTV
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A send-up of 50s B-movies (or Z-movies). This girl named Jen enters everyone she knows in some contest (including her older brother Josh, who wins) to get the whole school or whatever to some remote island for some MTV special featuring Carmen Electra. Josh's girlfriend Maddy has recently broken up with him and started dating some jerk who wants to be President someday.

Anyway, while Carmen is performing, she's snatched by a giant flying ant, and then Josh gets a group of kids to go with him and try to rescue her. Including Maddy, who at one point puts on a necklace she finds and gets possessed by the goddess of an indigenous people who were displaced some time ago by the government, who dropped atomic bombs on the island. The only survivor of the government is a scientist played by Adam West. Anyway, the kids, along with some folks from MTV trying to advance their careers, and Carmen's bodyguard, have to fight giant mutant insects and stuff. It's all very stupid and cheesy, but that's the point. That's what makes the movie funny. Um... and I might like to see it again someday. Maybe I'd write up a better review, or something. I dunno.

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