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Stephen King TV movies & miniseries

Desperation, on ABC (movie)
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This aired in 2006. I don't remember if I saw it then, or later. I feel like I may have seen it on cable, which would mean later, but... I could be wrong. Anyway, there was a crazy demonic sheriff or something. In a small town called Desperation, Nevada. And um... he locked people up in jail for no damn good reason, and later did more horrific things. But I don't remember any specifics.

It, on ABC (miniseries)

Has its own review page.

The Langoliers, on ABC (miniseries)
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This first aired in 1995, but I probably didn't see it til years later. Anyway, there were people on an airplane, and then... the majority of passengers disappeared, along with the pilots. Eventually they landed the plane, but I guess there was still no one around. I don't remember the story well at all, but it seemed kind of like The Twilight Zone, or something. I should probably see it again someday.

Quicksilver Highway, on Fox (movie)
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From 1997. Hey, I remember this title. Christopher Lloyd and Matt Frewer were in it. How could it not be good? And how come I don't remember anything other than the title?

Rose Red, on ABC (miniseries)

Has its own review page.

Salem's Lot, on CBS (miniseries)
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From 1979, when I was four. So I've never seen it. But I reckon I've heard good things, so I'd probably like to see it someday. There was also a remake on TNT in 2004, which I didn't see, and probably never will.

The Shining, on ABC (miniseries)
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This aired in 1997, and I'm pretty sure I actually saw it right then. Of course, it's nowhere near as iconic as the 1980 theatrical adaptation of the novel (which I probably saw about a year before this first aired). But it was alright. Steven Weber (from Wings) played Jack Torrance. But... while I have enough of an idea of the basic plot to talk about it, I don't remember details well enough to bother. Also I'm lazy. Still, if I ever see it again, I'll write something.

Sometimes They Come Back, on CBS (movie)
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From 1991. I'm fairly sure I saw it at that time, though all I remember about it is the title. It spawned two sequels, though I doubt I saw either of them. (I'd probably like to see the original again, but until I do I have no idea if I'd be interested in the sequels.)

The Stand, on ABC (miniseries)

Has its own review page.

The Tommyknockers, on ABC (miniseries)
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From 1993. I don't think I ever actually saw it, but at some point I know I felt an interest in seeing it. So... I guess I still kinda do. Maybe someday I will.

See also: The Dead Zone, Golden Years, Nightmares & Dreamscapes, and Under the Dome.

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